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About Us

Ratings are an outcome of the development of industries and economies. As the insurance industry has greatly developed in the Arab World in the past decade, the need arose for an independent Arab rating agency for insurance companies. The Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Muhanna, realized this need and delivered a lecture on the importance of financial strength rating of insurance companies during the General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) seminar that was held in Cairo in January 2000. GAIF endorsed Muhanna’s initiative and this provided the impetus for the establishment of i.e. Muhanna & co. Rating Services.

i.e. Muhanna & co. Rating Services

Muhanna & co. Rating Services is an independent rating agency that relies deeply on business knowledge, both locally and internationally, understands the business processes and performance and tracks financial records. For the last 12 years, Muhanna & co. Rating Services has shown that integrity, transparency, credibility, and objectivity are core ingredients of its ratings. Since its establishment in 2001, Muhanna & co. Rating Services has invested considerable resources to develop into a rating center of excellence, which complies with global standards. Besides, our rating agency continues to operate with the encouragement of GAIF (General Arab Insurance Federation). To date, we have conducted more than 1,130 ratings. These ratings are all published in the Digest Arab Insurance Rating (DAIR), the flagship annual publication of i.e. Muhanna & co. that provides opinions on the financial strength of insurance and reinsurance companies in the Arab World.
In the year 2012, Muhanna & co. Rating Services has widened its services to include credit ratings, starting by assessing the creditworthiness of municipalities and unions of municipalities.